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A step forward in improving health

Exeltis is the result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the CHEMO pharmaceutical business, an integrated health sciences group. It combines the Group’s know-how and experience with the innovative spirit of Exeltis, becoming a global organization with the capacity to discover, develop, produce and market medicinal products and medical devices that can help to improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.

Human wellbeing and health: our driving force

People are our core concern and guiding force. In order to provide better therapeutic solutions and reach more people worldwide, Exeltis has taken its operations to every continent, giving even more patients rapid and effective access to our wide range of products.

Entrepreneurial organization in constant evolution

With our innovative spirit, we use all our know-how, resources and human capital to develop solutions that meet patients’ unsatisfied needs.

Our endeavour to find new therapeutic alternatives had led us to join forces with other leading pharmaceutical companies that share our enthusiasm and to establish alliances in order to progress together in healthcare.

Our main mission is twofold: to make a difference in the everyday lives of millions of people, families and healthcare professionals by providing access to effective, first-class therapeutic solutions; and to improve healthcare in the future by conducting research and developing products, generating new and better therapies and through our passion and efforts to be present in every corner of the world.

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180 Park Ave, Suite 101
Florham Park New Jersey 07932
United States

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